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Bolt Identification Guide

How to identify a Bolt So many bolts, so little time. Here's a guide to help you figure out what the specs of almost any bolt, and tell if it's either metric or standard. It can get really confusing sometimes when it comes to fasteners since there are just so many. But this handy guide [...]

Benefits of Using Brass Hardware

Not all that glitters is gold. Recently, brass hardware has been making a comeback on everything from furniture, boats to decor. Stainless steel has traditionally taken top place as the most sought after material for fasteners, but the trend has been swinging more towards the warmer yellow shade of brass. Once considered old fashioned, brass […]

Brass Fasteners Canada

  Brass screws, nuts, and bolts are made up of an alloy metal with a combination of zinc and copper. They exists in different varieties with a wide range of forms and sizes depending on usages. The screws are very beneficial in different ways depending on the engineering drawings in the workshop of the user. […]