Stainless Steel Fasteners Toronto Looking for Stainless Steel Bolts sold individually and shipped to Toronto?

Well you’ve found us, First Call Auto Supply. Purveyors of quality supplies for automotive repair and other industrial jobs. With over 400 different pieces to choose from, we are your first stop for stainless steel screws in Canada.

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Metric Stainless Steel Fasteners

Metric Nuts and Washers
Metric Hex Cap Screws
Metric Socket Head Cap Screws
Metric Socket Set Machine Screw
Mtr Butt Sock Cap Machine Screw
Mtr Flat Hd Phil Machine Screw
Metric Flat Head Socket Screw
Mtr Pan Hd Phil Machine Screw

Standard Stainless Steel Fasteners

Standard Nuts and Washers
Standard Hex Cap Screws
Standard Socket Head Cap Screws
Stnd Butt Sock Cap Machine Screw
Stnd Flat Hd Phil Machine Screw
Stnd Flat Head Socket Screw
Stnd Pan Hd Phil Machine Screw
Stnd Socket Set Machine Screw
Stnd Flat Head Square Tap Screw
Stnd Oval Head Square Tap Screw
Stnd Pan Head Square Tap Screw
Stnd Truss Head Square Tap Screw

Stainless Steel Fasteners Toronto

Fast Shipping of Stainless Steel Bolts to Toronto

We ship all our products, including these stainless steel bolts, all through Canada post. With expedited shipping you will receive your package in Toronto in just 1 business day, all for under 10$.

Whether for your boat, car or motorcycle, we have the stainless steel nuts and bolts you need. Let us be your “First Call” for stainless steel bolts in Toronto. From tiny M3 bolts to larger 1/2″ pan head machine screw, we got it covered.

We take a lot of pride in our customer service and will do all in our power to find you the piece or pieces you need to complete the job, This is why we sell all our fasteners individually and not in large packs, This helps you not to waste your money or your time organizing bits and pieces you may never use. We also build custom assortments, if you use the same pieces more often, a kit is a great way to keep your inventory tidy and organized

Besides Stainless Steel fasteners, we also stock many types of metric and standard nuts and bolts. Fine thread, flanged and very strong 10.9 grade bolts and nuts. All stocked fasteners are individually sold, and we can also order the nuts, bolts and whatever pieces you need in larger numbers. Come bring in any bolt and we will help determine the size and pitch, and hopefully match it with a piece in our inventory.

Don’t Forget! We have much more than just stainless steel fasteners, we also have a great selection of Automotive Hardware and repair supplies, come take a tour when you drop by. See you Soon.