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Buy retainer clips for Ford, Honda, and Mazda cars and trucks.

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What are retainer clips?

Retainer clips are used for all sorts of automotive applications. They are also called body clips and moulding clips. Find body clips for Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Ford, Volkswagen, and many more. Retainer clips are cheap, easy to use, and reusable. They could be used for any number of applications besides on cars. One of our customers uses them to build kayaks.  They can be used for many type of home projects, hobbies, and 3D printed parts. They do a great job as a simple reusable fastener for apolstery and plastic. Wholesale pricing is available for high quantity orders.

Where to buy clips for car interior panels, doors and fascia?

First call auto supply has hundred of different automotive retainer clips and fasteners in stock. We offer quantity discounts for large orders but many of our clips are available individually. Find the right retainer clip for your vehicle’s interior paneling and moulding.  Use our filters to narrow down the right retainer clip for your car or vehicle. Filter retainers clips by size and by vehicle make. Some of these clips are interchangeable, this means that while some OEM clips might not be available other can be used for replacements.

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