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Buy Self Drilling Screws Online

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What are self drilling screws?

These types of screws don’t require a pilot hole to use. The tip of each screw has a small drill bit that will cut through plastic, wood and metal.
Typically with screw you would need to drill a small hole first to set the screw into. Self drilling screws save you time and can fasten several layers of material together securely. In automotive applications the are used to attach paneling to the body. Because they can be used with many different materials, they are quite versatile for use indoors and outdoors.

Where to buy self drilling screws online?

First call auto supply has the most used sizes available in any quantity you may need. Our screws are made from high quality zinc plated steel. Perfect for all sorts of applications. We also have self drilling assortments available.

Since these screws are relatively small in size, lower quantity orders can be shipped through letter mail at our lower flat rate shipping cost of $5.