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Brass screws, nuts, and bolts are made up of an alloy metal with a combination of zinc and copper. They exists in different varieties with a wide range of forms and sizes depending on usages. The screws are very beneficial in different ways depending on the engineering drawings in the workshop of the user. Some types of brass fasteners are used for decorative purposes on items in which they are being applied on. This allows the specific item in the workshop to also be attractive, which will win the taste and preference of the intended user. The screws also play an important role in giving a strong grip to two different material items, holding them together to make a desired item during the construction process in the workshop. The brass also helps in fastening two or more distinct items so as to have a strong, unshakeable item desired for a specified purpose. Brass screws are also beneficial in areas or places that are either too hard or unable to be stuck together by other sticking equipment or substances thus the need for a strong grip of brass screws. The screws also helps in circumstances where a strong permanent grip is unnecessary or is not desired. The the screws can be used as a temporary grip which can be replaced at a future date when desired. Additionally, Brass screws provide a strong holding power because it is metallic in nature. On the other hand, it provides an easy platform for disassembling the item as it can be removed very easily

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Despite the existence of brass screws in different sizes and shapes, they offer a wide range of uses and applications. For example, the brass screws are applied in metal roofing. This is a system of roofing consisting of tiles or metallic pieces where different kinds of screws can be used to hold the roofing together tight. Metal roof screws are applied in this situation. Other types of screws are used in fixing hinges. doors and windows so they can provide a free movement that is pleasing to the eye. There are those screws considered to be fasteners, they are typically used too fasten or connect two metals or things together to hold them together. The advantage of this is that the screws can be removed and be reinserted as many times as possible without interfering with their effectiveness. Other types of screws can be used as pole grillers to create holes in poles and others are considered to be used in cement board.

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