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Anti-seize lubricant prevents seizing, galling, and pitting of all metal parts exposed to extreme temperatures or corrosive atmospheres. A heavy-duty, high temperature lubricant that protects parts to 870C



Permatex® Anti-Seize Lubricant is a heavy duty, high temperature lubricant that prevents galling, seizing and corrosion during assembly and assures easier disassembly. Also reduces wear in heavy pressure applications. The product contains a refined blend of aluminum, copper and graphite lubricants that can be used on slow moving parts. Meets or exceed the requirements of Military Specification Mil-A-907E.


• Effectively lubricates assemblies exposed to high temperatures and heavy contact pressures
• Suitable for service up to 870°C (1,600°F)
• Reduces corrosion and seizing due to weathering or chemicals
• Permits easy disassembly of parts exposed to heat or corrosive environments
• Prevents seizing and fretting of high temperature assemblies, such as turbines and jet engines
• Exhaust manifold and engine bolts
• Anchor pins on brake assemblies
• U-bolts and spring bolts
• Lubricates and permits easy disassembly of assemblies exposed to high temperatures and heavy contact
pressures, such as boiler and oven parts, jet engines, and industrial turbines.
• Hinges, gears, chain, sprockets and rollers
Weight 0.001 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 5 cm

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