3 of the Best Hardware Assortments

Sometimes our garages or work spaces get cluttered with many different pieces of hardware. I can be difficult to locate exactly what you need if you don’t have a perfect photographic memory. Hardware assortment kits are great for keeping small pieces organized. They can be reused and refilled with many different small pieces. Below is a non exhaustive list of the top 3 hardware assortments that can come in very handy at home or in the garage.

Metric Stainless Socket Cap Screw Kit

Metric Stainless Steel Cap Screw AssortmentIf your a cyclist this kind of kit comes in very handy. Most bikes from manufactures get cheap when it comes to fasteners. The screws on many commercial sold bikes are made from steel. As you may know, steel is very susceptible to the elements and will rust quickly. Stainless steel fasteners on the other hand are much better suited for bicycles. Besides bicycles, M5 screw can be found in many commercial products. Furniture, kitchen hardware, automobiles, and many more common things around the home are held together with metric socket head screws. They are allen drive fasteners, which is great because we all have a few extra allen wrench hanging around. Be sure to use a proper sized allen wrench to avoid stripping the socket head screw. Believe it or not, allen keys come in both standard and metric measurements.

Japanese Honda and Nissan Retainer clips

Japanese Honda and Nissan Retainer Clips

They maybe specifically targeted for those who own a Nissan or Honda vehicle, which incorporate many of these for trim everywhere. These retainer clips also come in handy for many other projects. These metric clips and can be used to hold several thin surfaces together, and are reusable. Because they are cheap, plenty, and plastic, you can use them in many temporary and permanent ways. Affixing a simple cushion an outdoor chair, or hold a project container together, are a few ways they come in handy. They are certainly nifty little things to have around the garage or home.

Self Tapping and Self Drilling Assortments

Self Drilling Screw Assortment

There’s a lot of confusion on how to define these two types of screws. Self tapping screws don’t require a thread. By drilling a pilot hole into wood slightly smaller than the screw, the self tapping screws strong thread will hold itself in the wood securely. Self tapping screw are most common on wood projects, but can also be used to hold metal surfaces together. A self drilling screw on the other hand, does not require a pilot hole. Self drilling screws have a small drill bit incorporated into the tip of the screw. This tip works very well when fastening sheets of metal to wood.

Honorable Mention

Pop Rivet Assortment

Pop rivets are semi permanent fasteners, they fasten two materials together between a flange and a squished piece of metal. They can be removed by drilling out the center of the rivet, with a metal drill bit. They are great for affixing covering to a frame in a tamper proof way. I’ve fixed many camping chairs with a handy pop rivet kit. The only downfall with pop rivets, is that they require a special tool to use them. Rivet guns are typically cheap and can be found many places online. The biggest difference between rivet tools is whether or not they are handheld or assisted through air or nuematics. Most applications around the home can be accomplished with the hand held tool.

There are many other assortments that could come in handy in your own personal work shop. Which ones do you like to keep handy? Please send us an email or contact us through Facebook.

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