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Automotive hardware supplies shipped across Canada and the USA


Electrical Hardware Supplies

Electrical Supplies Ottawa

First Call Auto Supply has a wide selection of electrical hardware. Specializing in the automotive industry, we can provide battery terminals, fuses, and wiring, at a competitive price and of the highest quality. First Call is your first stop for automotive electrical supplies in Ottawa.



Automotive Fuses

Cigarette lighter outlet not working? Probably a blown fuse. A very easy (and cheap) job to fix yourself. Most cars have a fuse box, usually located somewhere below or beside the dashboard. In that box is the blown fuse that is preventing your phone from charging. Find the blown fuse, remove it, note the colour and number on top, then come in and replace it.

Car fuses OttawaATO Fuses
(Automatic Throw Over)
most common and standard fuse in almost any vehicle.
We sell ATO fuses of  all specifications


automotive fusesMini Fuses
Also very common smaller version of the ATO fuses


Automotive fuse types
Handy graphic from wikipedia showing the 4 most common fuse types

ALF Fuses are found under the hood and are used for your engine components.
ALF Fuses
ALF fuses Ottawa
Female     -     Male     -     Bent    

ALF Mini Fuse

mini alf fuses in Ottawa


Wire Terminals

crimp shrink, ring terminals, wire connectors

We sell terminals, good for most applications including automotive wiring. Crimp and Shrink, Insulated and non-insulated in several gauges and connection types like male and female spade connectors, butt connectors and ring terminals. We sell these connectors individually so don't worry about buying a large pack that you wont use all of.  Get the exact electrical terminals you need at Ottawa's automotive supply store.

We also stock plenty of primary wire, with gauges between 10 and 16. Primary wire come in various colours and we currently have black, blue, brown, green, white, red, and yellow.



Battery Terminals and Copper Lugs

car battery terminals

We sell top post battery terminals as well as side post battery terminals, individually of course. We also carry several sizes of top quality copper lug wire terminals, as well as solder slugs to go with them.

copper lugs and solder slugs




Misc Electrical Supplieswire cable clampsand shrink tubes

Rubber cable clamps are available in the following sizes:
    1/4" - 3/8" - 1/2" - 5/8" - 3/4" - 7/8"
Nylon Cable Clamps
are available in the following sizes:
    3/16" - 3/8" - 1/4" - 5/16" - 1/8" - 1/2"
Wire Looms are 25' long and
are available in the following sizes:
    1/4" - 1/2" - 3/8" -  3/4"
Shrink tube is 6" long and come in the following sizes:
    1/8" - 3/16" - 1/4" - 3/8" - 1/2" - 3/4"
We also sell electrical tape!