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Ottawa hardware and fastenersWhether you live in Ottawa, or anywhere else in this country, we want to be your "First Call" when it comes to automotive hardware, fasteners, and supplies. We pride ourselves on having one of the  largest selections of individually sold fasteners in Ottawa with over 400 unique pieces. This includes pop rivets, self drilling screws and tappers, as well as fine thread and flanged metric bolts. Even if you're not sure about what kind of fastener you're looking for, we can help you match the fastener to it's application. We are conveintly located at 840 Industrial avenue, unit 7, right near Napa. Whatever you're looking for, whether it be stainless steel, metric, or high grade steel, we are the place to find it.

We have a lot more than just fasteners!
Ottawa fasteners and hardware
We supply auto body shops, service centres, and dealerships all throughout Ottawa with all sorts of automotive fasteners and hardware. We welcome walk ins and are happy to help you find the fastener or parts you need, whether it be an Auto Bulb or a customized box of hardware for your specific needs. A wide range of minor repair jobs can be started with a trip to our store, from a broken door hinge to a corroded fuel line. We are one of the few Ottawa fastener shops that stock Metric Stainless Steel Fasteners, great for the boat or motorcycle! We are the place to go for hard to find Auto Bulbs, Retainer Clips, and other fasteners In Ottawa. While browsing our webpage you will find several tools to help you find what you're looking for, including our retainer clip guide, there you can search through the specs of our most popular auto body clips. Shop Online or visit our brick and mortar store at 840 Industrial, Unit 7, Ottawa. We are always happy to help you with any project!

Ottawa's Fastener Supply Store

Specializing in automotive applications, our fasteners can be used for many more different applications. If your looking for fasteners in Ottawa, we can help you find the the exact nut, bolt, self drilling screw you need for whatever application. We also sell individual fasteners, so don't worry about having to buy a box of 100 like other Ottawa fastener stores.

Ottawa Stainless Steel Fastener Supplystainless steel fasteners

We have the largest selection of stainless steel fasteners this side of Ottawa. Over 475 bins of metric and standard nuts, bolts, and screws. Lots of different machines screws with various heads and sizes to look through. Perfect for marine, motorcycle, and bicycle applications!